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In addition to our comprehensive full and multi day workshops, we have a number of Coaching/seminar modules that we can customize for your organization. Each workshop/seminar module can be taken as a standalone educational experience or as part of a comprehensive one or two day program. We would be pleased to customize our workshop modules and content to the unique needs of your organization.

Take Charge of Change by tapping into Purpose & Mission – In a triathlon, successfully completing the race and overcoming challenges requires a sense of purpose and a vision for specific outcomes. In the race called life, successfully navigating personal transitions and obstacles requires the same kind of force of purpose. This module walks participants through an interactive process that helps them to clarify their personal mission/purpose, the key values that excite them and how they can use their mission to create personal power to conquer and learn from their current transition.

Take Charge of Change by experiencing “Flow” and being in the “Zone” – You know you are experiencing triathlon nirvana when you are in the “zone”. Your perception of time disappears and you tap into the peak performance state of “unconscious competence”. This module teaches you how to experience joy and flow in your personal life that will empower your relationships, mental well-being and career. In addition, this module will teach key focusing and concentration strategies that will allow participants to tap into their creative powers and to remain focused when it matters most.

Take Charge of Change through Goal Cultivation – Goals that are specific, measurable, challenging, internalized but achievable and with a deadline are the kinds of goals that take triathletes to new levels of athletic achievement. Everyone can benefit from the peak performance goal setting used by world class athletes. This module is a must if you want to take your personal goal setting and achievement to new levels of success by applying the same principles used by top athletes. Shaun will share how he used these principles to build his business and achieve his triathlon/athletic goals.

Take Charge of Change by being Unconsciously Competent – The best triathletes and athletes are unconsciously competent. They don’t have to think about the next step to take. It’s completely unconscious. Foundational to navigating successfully through personal transitions and change is the introduction of powerful habits that are aligned with your personal mission and have become automatic and unconscious. This module will teach you how to adopt, re-enforce and nurture the empowering force of HABITS!

Take Charge of Change by being Nutritionally Smart and Strategic – top triathletes know that success is not built on training alone. Sound nutritional habits leading up to a race and during a race are critical. The race of life is exactly the same. Powerful nutritional practices ensure you transition well through the challenges of your day and in the midst of key relationships, busy careers and recreational pursuits that provide for active rest. We will share insights gained from Ironman training and racing experiences. In this module learn nutritional “best practices” to experience exceptional personal transitions!

Take Charge of Change by nurturing Physical Health – Triathletes supplement their aerobic training with strength training and flexibility training to get that extra edge and to protect their physical body from the stress of training and competition. In the same way, each of us must look after our physical body to foster emotional and psychological health, and to increase stamina and physical resiliency for the personal challenges that are sure to come. This module will teach you to apply key principles that will foster your physical health.

Take Charge of Change by Creating Wealth and Support – Top triathletes build human and monetary capital that allows them to focus on their sport and not on their finances. In personal transitions it is the same. Sound financial planning releases people from money worries so they can focus on their dreams and apply their unique abilities in the world. Our team has decades of experience working with individuals and families to accumulate and preserve their wealth. In this module,we shares the key principles that clients have used to achieve their wealth creation goals.

Take Charge of Change through “Family Intent” – In a world of change, family support structures play a critical role in providing emotional support, mentorship and the sharing of experiences that can make us stronger. This module outlines strategies that will help parents to re-connect with their children, how to introduce traditions that will foster family unity and ideas that will build a family legacy for future generations.

Take Charge of Change for TEENS – Participants have shared that they wished they had learned this content when they were young. Give your teen a firm foundation by encouraging them to attend this one day workshop. Your TEEN will be exposed to ideas from each of the modules that will help them to thrive in a world of change and transition.

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