Podcast – Cultivating Emotional Resilience For Professional and Personal Success

Key Strategies For Cultivating Emotional Resilience

You can have lots of professional smarts, resources and an awesome professional network, but if you don’t get the emotional side of your life dialled in you will put the brakes on your success–both professionally and personally. In this podcast, Dr. Adrienne Leslie – Toogood shares her perspective on building and cultivating emotional resilience.

Helpful Resource

During our conversation, Adrienne mentioned a TED Talk that was delivered by Brené Brown that dealt with the topic of vulnerability. Brené Brown studies human connection — our ability to empathize, belong, love. Her talk is poignant and funny, and  she shares a deep insight from her research, one that sent her on a personal quest to know herself as well as to understand humanity. Adrienne felt that this talk delivered some important points that tied nicely into our discussion about Emotional Resilience.


About Dr. Adrienne Leslie-Toogood

Dr. Adrienne Leslie-Toogood, a licensed psychologist, has extensive experience working with athletes in both Canada and the United States at all levels of performance.  She has attended almost every multi-sport games from the Canada Games to the Olympics and Paralympics, and has travelled extensively with a wide range of teams.  In addition to her work in sport, Dr. Leslie-Toogood has worked with several other high performers including medical doctors, business leaders, and performing artists.  She has published in peer-reviewed journals and presented many times at International conferences, and has been a guest for popular media sources including CJOB, CBC, Winnipeg Free Press, Winnipeg Sun, CTV, CJOB and others.  She is currently the Chair of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association, the secretary of the Sport and Exercise Psychology section of the Canadian Psychological Association, and an active member of several other professional associations.  Prior to returning to Canada, she was a faculty member at Kansas State University where she was the Coordinator of the Curriculum for Student Services in Intercollegiate Athletics and the Athletic Department Liaison.  She believes in empowering people to manage their humanity so they are able to maximize their human potential.  She works hard to ensure that people are able to fully enjoy their entire life experience (the highs and lows) and that they are continually learning and growing both as a person and performer.  Dr. Leslie-Toogood draws from several psychological theories including humanism, mindfulness and CBT.  Her personal mission statement is “passion, commitment and intensity unleash a new freedom of an energetic, balanced and holistic person who is healthy for life”. Phone (204-227-3231) or Email (adrienne@drtoogood.com).

Dr. Leslie-Toogood uses an individualized approach to enhancing performance.   She works hard to create a trusting relationship and utilizes critical conversations as necessary.  She is available for both group and individual service delivery, and has many tools in her repertoire.  Notably, most extended health care plans cover psychological services.