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It’s a great question and a lot of people are asking it. Not just the people planning their retirement but people who are already retired. We all live in a world of rapid change and turmoil. These changes are having an impact on capital markets, pension plans and changes to global trade – all of which have a profound impact on retirement income planning. Against this back drop, it’s not surprising that people are looking for ways of having their questions addressed in the area of long term retirement income security.

To address the important questions that you have in planning your retirement income security we have developed GAME PLAN. The GAME PLAN services have been developed to provide you with the following benefits:

  • CONFIDENCE – The GAME PLAN process will help you to identify the key retirement income planning strategies that will help you achieve your objectives.
  • The GAME PLAN process will help you to get very clear on your goals in this area and how you define success.  Your goals will help you to determine which planning strategies will most efficiently help you achieve your retirement income planning objectives.
  • KNOW YOUR NUMBERS – The GAME PLAN services help you to KNOW YOUR NUMBERS! In other words, you will understand how much capital you require to fund your retirement income, what rates of return you require to fund your retirement and what impact inflation will have on your retirement income.
  • DETAILED INCOME PLANNING – Retirement income planning can be complicated. The GAME PLAN process will map out in detail how to use and coordinate RRIF’s, LIF’s, Pensions, TFSA’s, and non registered investments to optimally fund your retirement income.
  • REDUCE TAX – GAME PLAN will confirm if you are taking full advantage of tax planning opportunities so you keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket.
  • LEGACY – GAME PLAN will confirm if you have surplus capital that can be used to create a legacy. Strategies will be outlined that will make sure that your estate is passed on to family/charities that will keep taxes and administrative costs to a minimum.

Successful planning in this area means taking all the steps possible to put the laws of probability in your favour as you seek to accomplish your income security goals. The result will be PEACE OF MIND and new CONFIDENCE about the future.

The GAME PLAN Service offering – You can utilize the GAME PLAN process in a couple of ways.

Option One is the GAME PLAN/Resilient Retirement workshop. This workshop is 10 hours of instruction on the key areas of Retirement Income Planning. The one day workshop includes lively presentations, group discussions, individual exercises. Please click the following link to download a brochure Retirement Workshop

Option Two – GAME PLAN retirement income planning computer simulation and personal consultation. Option two is perfect for people who don’t have the time or inclination to attend the workshop format. This service is designed for people who want to delegate the pre-work to prepare the retirement income planning scenarios. Option two allows individuals to efficiently cut to the chase on where they currently stand and if there is a gap in their planning and what strategies they need to begin implementing to achieve their retirement income planning goals!

The Option Two Process – The process for preparing your personalized retirement income plan is as follows;

  1. We will forward to your attention the GAME PLAN data form that outlines what information we require to complete your personalized plan.
  2. Once we receive your information, we prepare the first computer simulation. We then make arrangements to set up a face to face meeting or video conference to review the simulation together. In this meeting we confirm if there any gaps in your planning and the potential strategies that can be used to help you achieve your retirement income planning goals.
  3. At this stage we prepare your Retirement Income Planning Report. This report includes the detailed computer models, the specific strategies and recommendations and a detailed action plan to assist you in the implementation of the recommendations.
  4. Once your customized retirement income plan is complete, it will be forwarded to you in advance of the second face to face meeting. This will provide you with an opportunity to make a note of any areas that require clarification.
  5. Our office will contact you to set up a face to face meeting or video conference. At that time we will review the document together, discuss the implementation action plan and answer your questions.

What you will receive from the GAME PLAN customized planning:

  • Two individual consultations
  • An opportunity to work with a retirement planning consultant to develop multiple retirement income planning computer simulations
  • A comprehensive Retirement Income Planning Report and organizational binder that includes; recommendations, action plan, resource material and sections to organize your financial information. This organizational binder will be useful to you long after the consultation process is over.
  • A detailed Action Plan that will help you to implement your retirement income plan

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