Leadership Rooted in Resilience

Welcome to this edition of the Take Charge of Change podcast. In this podcast we are going to discuss resilient leadership. Leadership is rooted in resilient living. Great leaders demonstrate that they have a devotion to the cause and the people, not just the perks and the privilege. A leader earns devotion by showing and acting with devotion. What are some examples:

– Officers eat last and lead from the front

– Great leaders don’t ask of their staff more than they are prepared to do

– Great leaders lead with humility and can check their egos at the door

– Great leaders are open to the wisdom of others

In an age of corruption, spinning the facts, and a hyper focus on the individual, these kinds of sediments seem very old-fashioned. But true leadership is about both your internal worlds and your external worlds lining up so you live a life of integrity. You don’t have to say to those around you that you live a life of integrity – the people you lead see it and will be inspired to follow you to achieve the important purposes and objectives that you are leading them towards.

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