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Staying Strong: An Ounce of Prevention


Mike BoothPresenter – Mike Booth

When you’re feeling well, it’s easy to take your body for granted. When aches and pains start to appear, that’s the time when many of us start looking for a cure—a quick fix. When not treated properly, the consequences can be serious. That means long-term chronic pain, loss of mobility, and a lack of functional strength. And there are other consequences, too. When your body is out of balance, you might experience a drop in energy, lose your ability to think clearly, and find that stress has no outlet. Your bank account might feel the strain too, as more and more money is required to “fix” your chronic health concerns. Wouldn’t it be better to spend your time, energy, and attention on staying strong in the first place?

Mike Booth will offer some effective and proactive strategies to help you avoid the downward slide of unmanaged health. As the owner of Massage Athletica, Mike Booth works clients that range from high-performance athletes and weekend warriors to regular men and women just trying to stay fit and healthy. No matter how active you are or what level of fitness, he’ll offer tips and techniques that will meet you where you are and set you on the path to a stronger you.