Master Attention and Focus

How’s your focus? In this edition of the Take Charge of Change podcast, we will explore the importance of focus for professional and personal success.

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In large measure focus defines the success rate of change or the goal achievement that we will experience in life. Our ability to marshal attention has a huge impact on our life success and our ability to use our skills and talents. Some of the first formal studies on focus took place during the second world war. One of the first findings was that radar operators had the ability to stay vigilant and alert for many hours, even if they were experiencing sleep deprivation – as long as their motivation was high. If The motivation was low, they nodded off very quickly. The link between attention and focus ripples through almost everything we seek to accomplish. Typically, we only notice the endpoints of attention, not what’s happening during attention. Our attention is engaged in a myriad of activities: comprehension, memory, learning, sensing how were feeling, reading the emotions of others, and interacting with others smoothly. Attention is under appreciated and usually goes unnoticed. And yet, attention has a huge impact on our total experience of life.

So what are some ways you can marshal your attention? Here are a few ideas to get you started with your list.

Make sure that you’re getting enough rest. Nothing destroys our ability to pay attention and to focus then burning the candle at both ends.

If you haven’t done this for a long time, book some time in your calendar to get refocused on your life purpose, your vision for the future and critical missions in your life. If you believe strongly in something, you will experience an increased ability to focus

Practice the principle of oscillation. Be a student of you. Understand those times of the day that your focusing powers are at the maximum. Make sure you book high leverage activities into these times. Take periodic breaks through your day to increase your energy and focusing ability. It could be an afternoon workout, a walk around the block or simply deep breathing

At the beginning of each day learn to focus your mental and emotional energy by reflecting on the most important projects and tasks that you need to accomplish through the day. Throughout the day be sure to review this list to maintain your attention and at the end of each day reflect on your accomplishments and jot down those tasks that you need to work on the following day. This simple habit will help to improve your focusing powers immeasurably

There are many other strategies to pursue, but hopefully, these ideas will get you started. To take a deep dive into the strategy, be sure to download the free e-book the resilient professional. And reach out to us if you would like to begin a conversation about how we can deliver customized training for your teams.

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