Mental & Emotional Resilience

Multi-tasking, countless distractions and a 24/7 news cycle… How effective would you be if you could tune out the chatter and focus on what really counts? Learn how to harness the full potential of your mind and tap into the power of “flow.”

5 Productivity Habits - In today’s episode of the Take Charge of Change Podcast, we will be discussing 5 habits that will dramatically improve day to day productivity. The habits are as follows: Get […]
How Healthy Relationships Make You More Productive - Relationships are an integral part of everyday life. They can cause us joy or create stress in our day to day life. In this edition of the Take Charge of […]
The Wisdom of the Stoics - What can we learn from the Stoics? The Stoics provide invaluable lessons and instruction to prepare you for, well, life. In this edition of the take charge of change podcast, […]
5 Toxic Habits That Slow Your Productivity Down - Why does productivity matter? 1. You enjoy life more 2. You know how to get the right things done 3. Minimize regret “Do all that you can to raise your […]
10 Health Strategies To Have An Amazing 2017 Professionally and Personally! - Welcome to this edition of the Take Charge of Change podcast. In the podcast, I will out- line 10 health strategies that will help you boost physical resilience for a […]
The Intersection of Energy & Responsibility – It’s Critical To Understand! - In our professional journey, we start off with dreams for the future and the required energy to begin the process and steps that will lead us to the future that […]

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