Mentorship Groups

Resiliency Lab Mentorship Groups

Transformational Change Through: Education, Reflection, Habit Formation, Accountability, Progression and Integration

The Resiliency Lab Mentorship Groups have been developed for organizations and individuals who want more rigorous coaching and accountability to increase the likelihood of successfully implementing the resiliency habits and strategies in both organizational life and the life of the individual.


The Resiliency Lab Mentorship Groups meet on a quarterly basis over one year. Before each quarterly meeting, participants will receive pre workshop reflection material to make sure that participants are ready to fully participate in the workshop and extract maximum value from the experience. Each quarterly workshop will drill down into the resiliency habits in greater detail than the traditional one or two day workshop format. Each workshop will feature expert guest lecturers who will teach and mentor the workshop participants in the areas of study for the quarter. In addition to the Resiliency Lab Curriculum, guest lecturers will speak on topics that can include; mental fitness, physical health, peak performance strategies, inspiring stories, nutrition, cognition, mindfulness and relationships, to name a few. Post workshop homework will be assigned that will help students to integrate their new learning into practical action steps that they can apply in their own life. The quarterly coaching and mutual accountability of these groups, greatly improves the chance that the resiliency habits are successfully integrated into the individual’s life and ultimately the life of your organization or business.


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