Profe1ssional success is a game of inches. It’s the little things that make a difference. On a regular basis, we will post podcasts that unpack various strategies to improve professional performance through the exploration of mental, emotional, financial, physical and relational resilience.



5 Productivity Habits - In today’s episode of the Take Charge of Change Podcast, we will be discussing 5 habits that will dramatically improve day to day productivity. The habits are as follows: Get […]
How Healthy Relationships Make You More Productive - Relationships are an integral part of everyday life. They can cause us joy or create stress in our day to day life. In this edition of the Take Charge of […]
The Wisdom of the Stoics - What can we learn from the Stoics? The Stoics provide invaluable lessons and instruction to prepare you for, well, life. In this edition of the take charge of change podcast, […]
5 Warning Signs You Are Making Bad Decisions - Are you an entrepreneur or senior executive? If you’re not careful, you could be undermining the quality of your decisions by making these mistakes. Visit our website for helpful resources […]
5 Toxic Habits That Slow Your Productivity Down - Why does productivity matter? 1. You enjoy life more 2. You know how to get the right things done 3. Minimize regret “Do all that you can to raise your […]
How Trump Will Affect Your Finances - Are you worried about how President Trump may affect your financial goals? Visit our website linked below to see a detailed video outlining exactly how Trump will affect your wealth. http://traffic.libsyn.com/theresilientprofessioinal/Video_Donald_Trump_Financial_Impact.m4a […]

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