Resilient Professional Program


Boost Energy, Productivity and Organizational Effectiveness by Discovering a Proven 6 STEP SYSTEM

In the RESILIENT PROFESSIONAL workshop you will learn resiliency strategies that enhance your success. Boost your productivity and achieve more in less time by applying the 6 Step Professional Success System.

  • Boost mental focus and creativity to make your presentations more compelling and action orientated.
  • Supercharge physical, mental, and emotional energy for career success.
  • Learn and apply the 5 wellness strategies for productivity
  • Apply the latest research on habit formation and goal achievement
  • Learn and apply a planning process that will demonstrate to clients and staff that you can show leadership and solve problems and motivate them to take action!

Learn to:

  • Overcome the 6 Forces that sabotage goal achievement
  • Achieve goals by using peak performance strategies from the world of sport
  • Enhance your client and team relationships by applying the 5 critical trust
  • building habits.
  • Focus effectively by applying the 4 distraction busting strategies
  • Apply focusing strategies used by top athletes to your key processes and activities
  • Learn a powerful question that can confirm if your client/team will trust you

Gain a Competitive Edge

Now, more than ever, resiliency training is needed in our professional and personal lives. Why? Because the world is changing rapidly and dramatically. Demands on professionals are higher. Client expectations are higher, they have unlimited information at their fingertips and they want solutions now! To deliver consistent results takes resiliency and energy. Many professionals struggle to sustain high performance under these conditions. Their performance suffers, client relationships become strained and health and energy deteriorates. As a result, targets may not be achieved.

As a professional, sustained success, health and happiness can happen when you employ Resiliency Training in five interconnected areas:

  • Mental Training
  • Relational Training
  • Emotional Training
  • Physical Training
  • Cultivation of Mission

Resiliency training in these five key areas is especially vital because;

  • You need to consistently perform – even when you don’t feel like it
  • Your organizational success comes through perseverance and persistence.
  • These actions require mental focus and emotional resilience.
  • You require mental clarity and creativity to prepare winning solutions for your organization and stakeholders. Resilient brain health can produce this outcome.
  • Healthy relationships are based on trust, integrity, and patience leading to success both at work and home. We sabotage important relationships when we are not resilient in the five areas of resiliency training.

Our 6 Step System helps you over come challenges Professionally and Personally!



Resilient Professional Workshop Brochure [PDF]

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