Change, Challenge and Transition are all around us – it’s a fact of life! Handled properly; change and transition can lead to new growth and opportunity. When not handled properly; Change, Challenge and Transitions can lead to overwhelm, disengagement and compromised health. At Take Charge of Change, we seek to assist individuals and organizations to build; psychological, physical, emotional and cognitive resiliency to deal effectively with change and to even grow and seize opportunity as a result of Change, Challenge and Transition. We accomplish this through the delivery of high level training experiences and a powerful collaboration with the Take Charge of Change Resource Network. Contact us if you would like to start a conversation.

Effective training should be an ongoing process using a COACHING model. We have a number of coaching modules that we can customize to the needs or your team\organization – Coaching Modules

Concern about finances can cause distraction and worry that can have negative impacts on other areas of life. We have developed the Game Plan Process  to provide individuals with clarity and peace of mind finanically,  which will positively impact other areas of life, including; relationahips, work and focus. With an aging demographic, getting clarity in the area of retirement planning has become a pressing concern for many and the Game Plan Process  provides specific and practical guidence in this area.

As you look at the needs of your team, maybe there are specfic targeted coaching areas that you want to focus on. Perhaps you have an upcoming event and you are looking for a keynote or someone to facilitate a workshop. We can assist you – check out our Speakers Bureau

Effectively engaging in a weekly and daily planning ritual can be a very effective way of maintaining focus in an age of digital distraction. Check out our Weekly Planning Video to learn more.