How Trump Will Affect Your Finances

Are you worried about how President Trump may affect your financial goals? Visit our website linked below to see a detailed video outlining exactly how Trump will affect your wealth.

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Do You Have These Key Traits of The Wealthy and Successful? (PART 2)

I’ve worked in the wealth planning industry for over 30 years and over that time I’ve come to understand that there are some important precursor traits that financially successful people utilize to enhance the probability of financial success. Be sure to watch this three part video series to find out what these traits are!

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Podcast – Why CNBC and BNN Might Be Destroying Your Investment Returns

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If you want to foster professional resiliency you need to cultivate financial resiliency. Ironically, some of the trusted news and information sources that many investors turn to for investment information may actually be hurting your investment performance!


Literally, every second of the day, the media is bombarding us with financial information. It’s implied that this information is intended to inform. At some level,  I guess this is true. However, the primary motivation is the attraction of eyeballs and eyeballs attract advertisers, and of course advertisers create profits for the media content creators. I know this sounds cynical, but it’s true. In spite of this, every day millions of people consume financial information that is essentially financial porn! May well known investors (Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch and John Templeton) have warned us the sensational spin on financial information and trying to forecast the unknowable.. At the very least, this information creates low grade anxiety and attunes us to things that may not be overly relevant to building and preserving wealth. At it’s worst, this financial spin leads to knee jerk decision making that has negative consequences  that could take a life time for a person to recover from. In this podcast, I will cover a financial principle critical to successful investment planning.

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