Dr. Moira Somers | Faculty Member

(204) 488-6796 drsomers@moneymindandmeaning.com

Dr. Moira SomersThe human brain is one of the most amazing, elegant, vulnerable, and error-prone things in the universe. Add money to the mix, and things really get interesting! That’s where I live my professional life — at the intersection of money and mind. I am a neuropsychologist with a specialty practice in financial psychology.

My aim is to help people transform the way they think and talk about their money. How they spend it and invest it. How they relate to it and around it. And how they give it away.

Transformation is needed because the old way of doing things hasn’t worked for a lot of people – especially not for women. Our society swings between crazy extremes of secrecy and hype when it comes to money. There’s been too much emphasis on the vague promise of the good life and too little on what it actually takes to create and sustain a rich life.

My work as a financial psychologist is aimed at helping people become fully conscious and competent when it comes to their finances. My clients lose their fear of money. They stop fighting about it, rejecting it, hoarding it. Money assumes its right and proper place in their lives. And that sets the stage for the truly important transformations to take place in people’s lives.

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Clinical Health Psychology at the University of Manitoba, and a faculty member at the Sudden Money Institute in Florida. I train financial professionals across North America to work more effectively with the whole spectrum of challenges their clients bring to them: overwhelming stress, procrastination, family wealth challenges, transition fatigue, etc.

If you’re interested in my work as a therapist or executive coach, contact me directly at: (204) 488-6796 or drsomers@moneymindandmeaning.com.

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