James Sturdy | TCC Faculty

James SturdyJames is a dreamer. His Grade 2 teacher, his parents, everyone–they all said the same thing, “James, you are a dreamer.” Clearly, they were all onto him because for James Sturdy, being a dreamer is as natural as breathing. And when he dreams, he dreams big, and in colour, and he helps you to do the same.

He’s well-read and well-travelled and inspires with thought-provoking vision with dynamic dialogue. He’s had a steady hand of over 17 years in the financial services industry.A self-proclaimed “magnet for the microphone,” (along with being called a dreamer, he was also called a “show off” by the same highly intuitive Grade 2 teacher), James is a gifted communicator who has the rare ability to engage, entertain, and educate in a compelling, high energy, adrenaline-junkie style that is all his own.

“I get my biggest charge from speaking,” says James. “Sharing ideas and challenging people to think about what can be. I love to spark a surge of dialogue because I’m always learning, always itching to know what others think, the whole process stirs my heart and feeds my soul.”

Having logged over 10,000 hours in front of financial advisors he’s learned a thing or two about building successful businesses. He literally vibrates with the knowledge that the best dreams are the ones that you make come true. Seeing the big picture and being able to break success into bite-size, achievable bites has always come naturally to James. A certified coach practitioner and Kolbe instructor, James believes sales are never about the pitch, but rather about working with your own instincts, as well as with the fundamental belief that knowing yourself is the first step in helping others.

Not all Grade 2 teachers get it right, but for James Sturdy, being a dreamer and a bit of show off has paid off in spades. It’s even turned out to be a highly effective way to passionately live his life and build business!

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