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Mike BoothMike is a former winner of the Manitoba marathon and several other elite races. As Mike says, “after 10 years of competing at an elite level, to say I’ve had my fair share of injuries would be an understatement. Fortunately, I’ve had the opportunity to receive some of the best care by some of the top rated healthcare providers in the world. I believe I have created a truly unique health approach for Winnipeg.” Mike believes that a healthy lifestyle starts with a balanced body.

Mike is the founder of the massage clinic Massage Athletica. All of their massage therapists are trained, certified practitioners who have a full understanding of the body’s capabilities. Their expertise can help alleviate the effects of stress, overuse, tension, and strain building up on your body. They are caring people who are knowledgeable about helping you feel great and to perform better!

As part of the resource network for Take Charge of Change, Mike plays an important role in giving us advice and guidance on practical strategies that help make our bodies more resilient [stronger] so we can reduce those visits to our healthcare provider and to help you maintain physical independence over the long-term.


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