The 10 Traits of Resilient Professionals

In this edition of the podcast, we’ll talk about the ten characteristics of resilient professionals

Over the years a lot of research has been done around the cultivation of resiliency. Life requires resiliency and indeed our ability to perform at our best professionally,  calls for massive amounts of resiliency

A lot of the research can be distilled down to 10 characteristics that all professionals should strive to cultivate in their life.

One – resilient professionals are confident. They’ve mastered the ability to balance their needs with the needs of others so that they can speak and act assertively. They don’t get defensive easily. They can take and give constructive feedback. They are comfortable in their skin. Protecting your confidence is critical, and there are some strategies you can implement to maintain and grow confidence. Get our book, The Resilient Professional for tips in this area

Two – resilient professionals are adaptable. This means that you have the ability to be mentally and emotionally flexible as you deal with multiple tasks information and relationships

Three – resilient professionals are emotionally intelligent. They can accept, welcome and express and listen to emotions without being overwhelmed. Rather than being reactive to the emotions of others they are responsive and can utilize their emotional responses in a productive way.

Four – resilient professionals are optimistic. They have a way of seeing the glass as half-full. They’re not Pollyanna, but they believe the ability to be confident as a critical factor in pushing through difficult tasks.

Five – resilient professionals are social. Research consistently confirms that a loving family and good friendships are of great assistance in helping resilient professionals work through tough projects and stress. By having these strong social supports you are less likely to get sick and suffer burnout

Six – resilient professionals are playful. Even in the midst of menial and repetitive tasks they have ways of gamefying projects and making them enjoyable. They experiment, they ask questions, and they’re not afraid of making mistakes or laughing at themselves

Seven – resilient professionals are intuitive. They do their research and their homework, but they trust their gut feelings and go with what feels most real and authentic in each situation

Eight – resilient professionals are compassionate. They develop their capacity to be empathetic, to be listeners, and to respond with compassion. They can sense the feelings of others and respond appropriately. Just as importantly, they’ve developed the ability to be compassionate with themselves

Nine – resilient professionals are mindful. They understand the importance of making time for reflection and contemplation within each day and at the end of the week to battle overwhelm, reduce stress and to maintain a sense of perspective

Ten – resilient professionals practice continual improvement. They look for ways to improve well-being, happiness, productivity, and capacity both for themselves and for the teams they lead

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