I’ve worked in the wealth planning industry for over 30 years, and over that time I’ve become convinced that there is a correlation between physical, mental and relational health and a family’s income and net worth. In this podcast I will share some reflections on this topic and some interesting observations from various studies on how health and wealth are connected.

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During the podcast I mention a few studies, here are the links:

The study of students found that those who were physically fit were better able to absorb and retain new information

Click here for the study on physical fitness and learning ability!

We all know there are positive health benefits to getting a good night’s sleep, but recent research indicates that there is also a correlation between sleep and income

Click here for the article on the correlation between sleep and financial success!

The Link Between Fitness & Career Success  Click here for the link between Fitness and Career Success

Fit CEO’s Click Here for the article on Fit CEO’s

Connection Between Mental and Physical Health Click Here for this study!

Your health and financial wealth are closely linked Click here for the article!

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